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Artist's Choice Compressed Cleansing Sponges

Compressed until water is applied. Ideal for deep facial cleansers or when used with masks, scrubs or mud.

AT-30213   2/pack   Price: $1.50


Artist's Choice Cosmetic Spatulas

Used for product sampling or rationing products. A sanitary method for using multiple products and removal of creams from jars.

AT-31208   12/pack   Price: $1.25


Artist's Choice Disc Make-Up Sponges

Use wet or dry. Essential for water-based foundations. Provides smooth and even coverage.

AT-30410   3/pack   Price: $1.20

AT-AC20WD   20/pack   Price: $5.50


Artist's Choice Single Ended Eye Make-Up Applicators

Great for makeovers. Perfect to use with monochromatic colors. Glides on eye shadow evenly.

AT-32003   20/pack   Price: $1.75


Artist's Choice Double Ended Eye Make-Up Applicators

Soft sponge applicator allows eye shadow to glide on smoothly and evenly. Create various looks with this two-sided wand. Use with your favorite color trio.

AT-31001   10/pack   Price: $1.80

AT-33602   36/pack   Price: $5.50


Artist's Choice Lip Brushes

The soft bristles allow smooth and even applications. These disposable lip brushes apply lipstick and lip gloss to perfection.

AT-31206   12/pack   Price: $1.50

AT-35007   50/pack   Price: $5.50


Artist's Choice Mascara Wands

A high concentration of bristles for curling and for coating lashes. Disposable and sanitary.

AT-31204   12/pack   Price: $1.75

AT-35005   50/pack   Price: $6.50



Artist's Choice Mini Make-Up Wedges

This popular precision wedge applies blush and foundations. The angled straight edge tip is also great for eye shadows.

AT-AC50MW   50/pack   Price: $3.35

AT-AC100MW   100/pack   Price: $5.85


Artist's Choice Powder Puffs

Blends and smooths powder producing a flawless finish. These easy to hold puffs are a must have for any make-up kit.

AT-30216   2/pack   Price: $1.25


Artist's Choice Rectangular Sponges

Blends creams and powders. Ideal shape for today's compacts.

AT-30215   2/pack   Price: $1.20


Graham SpaEssentials Eye/Lip Applicators

Perfect for applying face and eye make-up. These applicators are also ideal for eyebrow waxing. These disposable applicators offer safe and sanitary conditions for clients and users.

100 counts

GR-54258   Price: $0.75 $0.50

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