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Creative Scentsations Lotion Winterberry

Hand & Body Lotion

Restore essential moisture with this hydrating lotion, delicately scented with Winterberry fragrance. Soothes dry skin and absorbs immediately with a velvety feel. For optimal results, use with complementary Creative Scentsations Winterberry Scrub.

CR-14246   0.5 oz   Price: $0.85


Creative Scentsations Hand & Body Lotions

A light hand and body lotion with a harmonious balance of scents that softens and hydrates skin with Vitamins A and E, and Aloe Vera. Softens and hydrates skin. Unique blend of scents. Long-lasting fragrance appeal. Fun!  For optimal results, use with complementary Creative Scentsations Hand & Body Wash and Creative Scentsations Hand & Body Scrub.

CR-14108  CranBerry 2 oz   Price: $1.75

CR-14125  Cucumber & Aloe 8.3oz   Price: $3.95

CR-14122  Vanilla Shimmer 8.3 oz   Price: $3.95

CR-14338  Vanilla Shimmer 31oz  Price: $13.95


Body Drench Exotic Oils Body Lotions

Enjoy the cool relaxation of an exotic vacation with Exotic Oils from around the world. Escape to Morocco, India and Tahiti with these deeply restorative and nourishing body lotions. Each exotically fragranced lotion will leave your skin feeling soft and touchable.

16.9 oz size

BD-20724   Indian Neroli Oil   Price: $6.95

BD-20720   Moroccan Argan Oil   Price: $6.95

BD-20722   Tahitian Monoi Oil   Price: $6.95


Essie Smoothies Hand & Body Lotion

Six delicious fruit-blend aromas - feel and smell good - with skin-quenching, anti-aging ingredients to nourish and smooth your hands and body.  Super-hydrating natural emollients of vitamins A and E, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter oils moisturize, protect and oxygenize your thirsty skin. Exfoliating AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids keep skin looking radiantly young and delectably smooth.  8 oz size


*** Closeout deal ***

ES-09105   Kiwi/Lime   Price: $4.25


Orly Rich Renewal Ultra-Hydrating Cremes

These rich, nutriment formulas contain shea and cocoa butters, aloe vera, and vitamins A & E to penetrate, condition and soothe dry, chapped skin. Plus, aromatic extracts leave body, hands and feet soft and fragrant, with no greasy residue.

8 oz size

Available in four fragrant aromas:

Paradise - lightly sweet with fruity notes of Lychee & Pomegranate

Passion - fragrant with floral notes of Neem & Feijoa

Pucker - fresh pick-me-up with Papaya & Red Grapefruit

OR-46028   Paradise 8 oz   Price: $5.50

OR-46029   Passion 8 oz   Price: $5.50

OR-46026   Pucker 8 oz   Price: $5.50


Orly Sheer Radiance Hand & Body Lotion

Hand & body lotion with aloe and chamomile plus the aromatic extracts ylang ylang and cubeba, extracts of passion fruit and orange along with aloe and chamomile, peach and ginger, tiny sparkling microcrystals and a sensational tangerine and magnolia scent.

OR-46025   Luminous 8 oz   Price: $3.95

OR-46024   Vibrant 8 oz   Price: $3.95


Gena Adios Warm O Lotion

A professional manicure treatment designed to soften cuticles, condition nails and moisturize skin. Ideal for hot oil manicures. Available in Original and Fresh Scent formulas.

GE-02020  Fresh Scent 1 gal  Price: $10.95


Nail Tek Salon Service Set

Professional Spa Treatment

Formulated to make your hands visibly younger and noticeably softer in just one week. This innovative program starts with a revolutionary salon treatment that achieves immediate results you can see and feel. Daily therapy continues at home with a special hydrating crème that restores and revitalizes skin while providing effective long-lasting protection. Contains over 20 hand treatments. Kit includes:


1 - Advanced Hydrating Creme 3 oz

1 - Absorption-Enhancing Masque 3 oz

NT-55534   Price: $20.00 $18.00


Nail Tek Advanced Hydrating Creme

Advanced Hydrating Creme with a "MEMORY" helps store moisture deep within the skin. This crème reactivates on contact with water. Simply rinse hands to re-moisturize the hands.

NT-23001   0.75 oz   Price: $1.75

NT-00250   3.0 oz   Price: $6.95


Queen Helene Almond Massage Cream

A blend of select ingredients with the scent of pure almonds. Use as a massage cream for the face, neck and body, or as a cleansing cream.

QH-65386   15 oz   Price: $5.79


Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme

Softens rough, dry skin

A blend of natural cocoa butter and pure lanolin in a non-greasy moisturizing base. Helps protect skin from the sun (excellent for use on skin over-exposed to sun or wind), prevent dry skin wrinkles, lines, 'crows feet', and relieve stretched skin during and after pregnancy. Recommended as a facial creme for day or night use, to cleanse and help restore and control essential moisture balance. Ideal for massaging the face and body.

QH-74378   4.8 oz   Price: $2.89

QH-65383   15 oz   Price: $5.79


Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion

Soothes and softens hands, face and body

A blend of natural cocoa butter and pure lanolin in a non-greasy moisturizing base. Helps protect skin from the sun (excellent for use on skin over-exposed to sun or wind), prevent dry skin wrinkles, lines, 'crows feet', and relieve stretched skin during and after pregnancy. Soothes and softens dry, irritated, chapped or sunburned skin. Also helps relieve stretched skin during and after pregnancy.

QH-16476   16 oz   Price: $2.69

QH-17481   32 oz   Price: $3.69


Queen Helene Cucumber Scented Massage Cream

Cucumber Massage Cream a blend of select ingredients with the delightful scent of pure, fresh cucumber. Recommended as a luxurious massage cream for the face, neck and body. May also be used as an all-purpose cleansing cream.

QH-65387   15 oz   Price: $5.79


Queen Helene Vitamin E Hand and Body Lotion

Combines the beneficial moisturizing and conditioning qualities of pure Vitamin E with Glycerin and other valuable emollients to instantly relieve dry, chapped or irritated skin. It's non-greasy and won't leave any sticky trace behind. Regular use of Vitamin E Lotion will restore a healthy, natural look to your skin, and help keep it in top condition.

QH-17486   32 oz   Price: $3.69


Queen Helene Whipped Cleansing Cream

A triple-whipped, soft, fluffy cleansing cream that absorbs stubborn impurities. Water-soluble contains no paraffin wax. Highly recommended for sensitive skin.

QH-65384  15 oz   Price: $5.79


Skin Careapy Daily Cream Cleanser

Dermatologist tested and fragrance free

Creamy non-foaming formula gently washes away dirt and makeup without drying your skin. Mild enough to remove makeup from eye area. Follow with Skin Careapy Refreshing & Gentle Toner.

SC-623680   6.0 oz   Price: $4.50


Triple Lanolin Aloe Vera Hand & Body Lotion

Nature's Aloe Vera Gel Plus Rich Lanolin

This non-greasy lotion, with aloe vera gel and rich lanolin, is readily absorbed by the skin helping to restore natural moisture and emolliency. Helps relieve chapped and rough dry hands, soothes and moisturizes sun-burned and wind-burned skin, and smoothes and softens the skin when used as an after-bath body lotion.  Lotion gallon pump sold separately.

TL-60134   6 oz   Price: $1.95

TL-60138   20 oz   Price: $3.95

TL-60137   1 gallon   Price: $19.95


Triple Lanolin Hand and Body Lotion

Soft-Petal Your Skin All Over!

This super-rich lanolin lotion is quickly absorbed to help restore softness and smoothness wherever dry skin is a problem. Superb hand, face and body lotion. Ideal makeup base, cleansing cream and after shave soother. Not greasy or sticky. Lotion gallon pump sold separately.

TL-10122 0.75oz  11 left  Price: $0.40

TL-10128   6 oz   Price: $1.95

TL-10138   20 oz   Price: $3.95 

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