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Manicure Brush

High quality colorful manicure brushes. Firm bristles and thick, strong plastic handles.


  ZZ-MB1   Each   Price: $0.25
  ZZ-MB10   10 pieces/pack   Price: $2.50


Powder Brush

Thick, soft bristles with comfortable wooden handle.  Ideal for cleaning excess acrylic powder, dusting nails and counter tops, and cleaning hair around neck and face.

  ZZ-PBSBE   Small Beige 5"   Price: $2.75
  ZZ-PBSBL   Small Black 5"   Price: $2.75
  ZZ-PBSPU   Small Purple 5"   Price: $2.75
  ZZ-PBLBE   Large Beige 7"   Price: $4.00
  ZZ-PBLBL   Large Black 7"   Price: $4.00
  ZZ-PBLPU   Large Purple 7"   Price: $4.00

Manicure Bowl Seashell

Sleek and attractive seashell shaped manicure bowl. Extra deep and perfectly shaped to allow hand to rest comfortably while soaking.  Stackable and made of durable hard plastic to withstand any solutions.

  ZZ-MBSC   Clear   Price: $1.15
  ZZ-MBSW   White   Price: $1.15

Nail Art Brushes

Stripping brushes uniquely designed for the finest detailing tasks: nails, models, dolls, decorative paintings, graphic designs and more where delicate strokes and touches are required. Three (short, medium, and long) brushes with color-coded handles.

ZZ-NAB3   3 brushes/set   Price: $3.95


Double Up Detailing Brush & Dotting Tool

This unique space-saving tool is designed to help you create professional nail art the easy way. The curve shape of the brush gives you a unique angle that enables you to see your artwork as you go. The versatile dotting tool not only create dots but also marbleizing effects.

SR-98250   Price: $4.25


Nail Polish Display Wheel

Great for displaying nail polish colors and nail art designs. Each package comes with 2 wheels (natural) and 2 labels. Each wheel, 4.75" diameter, has 18 tips.

ZZ-NPDW2N   2/pack   Price: $1.95


Nail Soaking Tray

Great for soaking and removing artificial nails. Durable, reusable, acetone-safe. Each package comes with 2 soaking trays. Each tray molded with 5 finger wells. Add your favorite soaking solution to finger wells and insert fingers. No need to soak the entire hand.

ZZ-ST2   2/pack   Price: $2.99


Plastic Liquid Dropper

Use it with airbrush color, primer or any liquids in Dappen Dishes, bottles, etc. Ideal for transferring any liquid from your bottle to dappen dish without the risk of spillage and over exposure.

6.5" Long

ZZ-LEDP6   Price: $0.15

Graham HandsDown Nail Wipes

Lint-free. Strong and absorbent. Easy dispensing. Great for gel nails.

2"Lx2"W 200 Wipes/Pack

  GR-42800   Price: $2.85

Graham HandsDown Ultra Nail and Cosmetic Pads

Soft, absorbent, hypoallergenic and virtually lint-free. Features an embossed tab that can be held securely between the thumb and forefinger for easy gripping and a protective barrier that shields fingers from coming in contact with skin-irritating polish removers.

1.75" Round Pads/Pack

  GR-42940   60 pads   Price: $4.00
  GR-42950   240 pads   Price: $13.95

Graham HandsDown Nail Care Towels

Made from a unique non-woven fabric, HandsDown towels are soft, strong, absorbent, lint-free and thick enough to protect the work surface. The textured towel surface is ideal for gel nails, nail art, and cleaning brushes.

16"Lx11.9"W 50 Towels/Pack

  GR-42910   Price: $10.50

Graham HandsDown Ultra Towels

Plastic-backed nail care towel protects work surface against leak-through. Soft, strong, absorbent and lint-free - ideal for gel nails, nail art, and cleaning brushes.

16"Lx11.9"W 50 Towels/Pack

  GR-46534   Price: $10.95


Graham HandsDown Soak-Off Gel Nail Wraps

Perfect for removing soak-off gel polish and acrylic. The flexible design is perfect for finger and toe nails. These wraps are easy to apply without wasting acetone on a full soak. Can be used during any polish or acrylic nail removal. The comfortable material is easy to wrap and stays put. Users can easily page through magazines or books while wearing these wraps. Use these wraps to remove soak-off gel polish, glitter, acrylics or any other stubborn dark polishes.

  GR-60663   10 count   Price: $1.95
  GR-60906   100 count FREE Bottle   Price: $17.95

Graham PST 158 Professional Towels

Thick, absorbent, and strong - perfect all-purpose towel, sized for maximum coverage to wipe perm solutions and spills. Made from recycled paper. Huck Finish.

24.5"Lx12"W 2-Ply 50 Towels/Pack

  GR-16159   Price: $2.25


Total Immersion Brush Cleaner

The Brush Cleaner jar can hold up to eight brushes at various sizes and can be used with all brands of brush cleaning solution. Comes with a screw on lid to prevent evaporation of brush cleaning solution when not in use.

  ZZ-128100   Price: $4.95  

Birchwood Cuticle Pusher

Made from high grade wood, these smooth finish quality wood cuticle pushers are hard but flexible enough to push back cuticle with both flat ends.

7" long

  ZZ-CPW10   10 sticks   Price: $0.35
  ZZ-CPW50   50 sticks   Price: $1.25
  ZZ-CPW100   100 sticks   Price: $2.35

Plastic Cuticle Pusher

Made of clear plastic with a flat on one end and a 45 degree angle (red tip) on the other end. Use the flat side to push back cuticle and the 45 degree angle to push, smooth, and remove any dead skin cells.

6.75" long

  ZZ-CPP1   Each   Price: $0.20
  ZZ-CPP12   12 sticks/bag   Price: $2.29
  ZZ-CPP24   24 sticks/bag   Price: $4.29

Finger Rest

Excellent tool for controlling and resting your client’s finger while performing airbrushing and nail art detailing.

  ZZ-FR   Price: $1.39

Nail Polish Bottle Tilter 1-Way

One-way support tilter holds a polish bottle at any angle. One size fits all nail polish bottle.

  ZZ-NPBTR1W   Price: $1.05

Nail Polish Bottle Tilter 3-Way

Three-way support tilter holds a polish bottle at any angle. One size fits all nail polish bottle.

  ZZ-NPBTR3W   Price: $1.15

Practice Finger with Nail

Made of hard plastic with nail tip, this reusable practice finger is an indispensable tool for practicing airbrushing, nail art detailing, acrylic, gel, and wrap.

  ZZ-PFN1   Each   Price: $0.30
  ZZ-PFN10   10/bag   Price: $3.00

Practice Finger without Nail

Made of hard plastic, this reusable practice finger is an indispensable tool for practicing airbrushing, nail art detailing, acrylic, gel, and wrap.  Artificial nail tip can be mounted onto the practice finger.

  ZZ-PF1   Each   Price: $0.30
  ZZ-PF10   10/bag   Price: $3.00

Practice Hand

A life size reusable hand for practice of all types of nail applications - airbrush, nail art, acrylic, gel, and wrap. Artificial nail tips can be mounted onto the fingers.

  ZZ-PH   Price: $4.99


Seche French Nail Guides

Nail Edge assist guides for the ultimate french manicure. Contains 156 half-moon self adhesive nail guides (12 sheets) and instructions booklet.

  SE-83088   Price: $2.45

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