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Misa BANG!

Super Quick Bonder

Formerly known as Tenacious Basecoat. This powerful quick bond, quick-drying basecoat ensures the perfect manicure. It fortifies and strengthens nails with a high-gloss look. Toluene free.

MI-00884   0.5 oz   Price: $2.00


Misa BODYbuilder

Thicker, Harder, Stronger Nails!

Topical protection for weak and thin nails. Apply one or two coats as a nail wrap to make nails thicker, harder and stronger.

MI-00885  0.5 oz   Price: $2.00


Misa BOTTOMline

Acrylic & Wrap Basecoat

For use with acrylic nails and nail wraps. Helps provide maximum adhesion and chip resistance. Provides a smooth finish for even nail lacquer application.

MI-00886   0.5 oz   Price: $2.00


Misa Joli Boncher Base Coat

An excellent base coat makes for an extraordinary manicure. Boncher Base Coat helps extend the wear of nail lacquer and acts as a barrier to prevent polish from staining the nails. Used alone, Boncher Base Coat helps to protect the natural nail plate from the elements. Toluene and formaldehyde free. As a basecoat, apply one coat of Boncher Base Coat. For a natural-looking layer of protection, apply two coats.

MI-00890   0.5 oz   Price: $2.00


Misa Joli Cosmetique Vitamin Booster

Vitamins, they do your nails much good. Cosmetique Vitamin Booster invigorates and restores nail suppleness through the use of vitamins and oil. Active ingredients, including vitamins A, B and C and Argan Oil, hydrate nails, nurture connective tissue and stimulate nail growth, laying the groundwork for strong, flexible natural nails. The light blue formula is formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and camphor free. As a basecoat, apply one coat of Cosmetique Vitamin Booster. For a natural-looking layer of protection, apply two coats.

MI-00891   0.5 oz   Price: $2.00


Misa Joli Ferme Nail Hardener

Firm up flimsy nails, naturally. Whether used as basecoat or over polish, Ferme Nail Hardener facilitates the formation of keratin, the protein that promotes the growth of healthy hair and nails. To keep nails from becoming brittle, Ferme Nail Hardener is formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and camphor. As a basecoat, apply only one coat of Ferme Nail Hardener on clean, dry nails. As a top coat, apply a thin coat over dry lacquer. For best result, use as a basecoat so that the treatment may penetrate the nails more easily. Apply one coat every 3-5 days. Results will be seen after 2-3 weeks of continuous usage.

MI-00889   0.5 oz   Price: $2.00


Misa Joli Huile Cuticle Treatment

Supple cuticles are the perfect complement to groomed, healthy nails. Huile Cuticle Treatment moisturizes and conditions the cuticle and nail area. The oil helps revitalize and restore the skin's normal activity and rejuvenates and softens dry, lifeless skin around the nail. Designed to accelerate the nail polish drying process and help protect enamel's finish, Huile Cuticle Treatment helps prevent polish smudges.

MI-00887   0.5 oz   Price: $2.00


Misa Joli Verre Naturel UV Top Coat

UV rays can change the shade of your polish and yellow your natural nails. Protect the integrity of your lacquer's color under a veneer of glossy Verre Naturel UV Top Coat. The specially formulated top coat seals polish and its UV protection keeps color brighter, longer. Used on natural nails, Verre Naturel UV Top Coat prevents nails from yellowing. To protect polish, apply one coat over drying polish; for natural nails apply one coat over clean, dry nails.

MI-00888   0.5 oz   Price: $2.00

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