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Nioxin System 5 Scalp Therapy

For Medium/Coarse Natural Hair with Early Stages of Thinning

Formerly known as Smoothing Actives Scalp Therapy. A conditioner that moisturizes and energizes the scalp. SmoothPlex provides moisture, natural shine, and smooth control. Activ-Renewal helps provide a more youthful-looking scalp complexion. After cleansing, apply to wet hair. Leave on 1-3 minutes and rinse.

  NI-11627   10.1 oz   Price: $12.75

Queen Helene Cholesterol Hot Oil Treatment

Make damaged hair radiant and supple again in just minutes. This heat activated treatment penetrates deep into troubled hair to control damage caused by chemicals, over-processing and weather exposure. The alcohol-free, lanolin-rich formula protects hair from further damage, while restoring the natural softness, shine and manageability. It's the easy solution to fix brittleness, breakage and split ends.

  QH-22001   8.0 oz   Price: $2.95

Queen Helene Ginseng & Tea Tree Hot Oil Treatment

Our exclusive dual-action formula combines refreshing Tea Tree Oil, known for its antibacterial benefits, with the strengthening and conditioning properties of natural Ginseng Root. Multifunctional and alcohol-free, the hot oil treatment works into your hair and scalp to help restore suppleness, luster and body. Gentle enough for everyday use on all hair types and easily heat-activated with hot tap water, it will leave you looking and feeling great.

  QH-22039   8.0 oz   Price: $2.95

Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment

Having problems with brittle hair and breakage? This special treatment, double-enriched with pure Jojoba Oil and Panthenol, relieves brittleness, breakage and split ends without the alcohol or mineral oil that can leave your hair unhealthy. Heat activated with hot tap water, the Jojoba Oil moisturizes your hair while Panthenol seals and protects it, which helps to control damage caused by over-processing and blow-drying. It will leave your hair looking healthier and stronger.

  QH-22000   8.0 oz   Price: $2.95

Queen Helene Placenta Hot Oil Treatment

Achieve the soft shiny hair you have always wanted. Our double-enriched formula with Placenta and Panthenol is filled with essential vitamins necessary to deep condition and nourish hair without alcohol or mineral oil. Heat activated in hot tap water and packaged in re-sealable tubes, this treatment will leave your hair looking and feeling luxurious.

  QH-22002   8.0 oz   Price: $2.95

Slickline Smoothing Conditioner

The Slickline system equalizes the moisture level in your hair while adding humidity/moisture barriers to help maintain smooth styles and to tame frizz. Smoothing Conditioner balances moisture levels. Adds healthy shine. Calms texture, increases manageability, and improves wet and dry combing. Helps create smooth waves or to achieve straight styles.

  ZT-43918   13.5 oz   Price: $4.50

Volumax Volumizing Conditioner

Weightless, extra-hydrating formula replenishes moisture without the residue that can weigh hair down. Adds exceptional volume, manageability and shine. Powerful anti-oxidant blend and UV protectants nourish and defend against environmental and solar damage. Great for adding sexy volume to color-treated hair. 

  ZT-44076   16.9 oz   Price: $3.75

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