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Graham SpaEssentials Paraffin Strips

SpaEssentials Paraffin Strips offer a simple and cost effective way to offer additional paraffin treatments...increasing your business! The strips are sanitary (no more dipping feet!) and retain heat longer than just dipping or brushing. The strips are also stretchy, so they conform to just about any body part. And in the end - the wax will come off with the strip for easy clean-up! Dip paraffin strips in tub of melted paraffin wax until coated. Wrap entire strip around area to be treated. Allow strip to set for approximately 5 minutes. Then simply remove and discard. The paraffin wax will come off with the strip. Dispenser sold separately (see below).

3.5"x17.25" strip

GR-00017   40 strips 1/pk (3 left)   Price: $1.35


Graham SpaEssentials Paraffin Strips Dispenser

Black plastic dispenser for SpaEssentials Paraffin Strips and Mega WrapStrip styling strips. For convenience and sanitary one-at-a-time dispensing.


GR-50138   Price: $8.65


Graham SpaEssentials Waxing Table Papers

These exam table papers feature smooth or crepe finish with the trusted quality and comfort you expect from all Graham products. Crepe rolls are textured for added strength, softness and quietness. Smooth rolls feature a high quality, smooth finish paper which provides superb strength. Both of these rolls offer performance and value, providing a clean, protected work surface and work environment every time.  Poly-backed paper is perforated every 18 inches.  Great for Massage or Waxing.

GR-43659   Crepe 21"x125ft 1 roll   Price: $3.45

GR-05010 Poly-Backed 21"x125ft 1roll Price: $7.35

GR-49990 Rose Garden 21"x125ft 1roll Price: $5.25

GR-43658   Smooth 21"x225ft 1 roll   Price: $4.95

GR-51824 Smooth Wide 27"x225ft 1roll Price: $6.50


Electric Warming Booties

1 year warranty from manufacturer

Your feet lose more moisture than any other area of your body. Electric mittens will protect and encourage the natural moisturizing agents already in your feet. They consistently insulate and maintain heat during paraffin treatment and promote deeper penetration of oils and lotions to your skin. Comes with High and Medium settings. 40 watts.

1 pair.

ZZ-WBE120   120 volt   Price: $18.99


Generic Clean Collars for 14 oz Warmer

Designed to fit 14 oz Wax Warmer to prevent dripping of wax onto the warmer.

50 collars/pack

ZZ-GCC14   Price: $2.95


Paraffin Mittens

100% cotton cloth mittens use to insulate and maintain heat during paraffin treatments. They promote deeper penetration of oils and lotions to your skin.

ZZ-PM   1 pair   Price: $9.19

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